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Beavercreek High School Class of 1979

Memories of the Past . . .

Steps to Knowledge Kindergarten
Lisa's Kindergarten Class

Steps to Knowledge Kindergarten, 3222 Grange Hall Rd. (Old street number)
Located in the Woodhaven area
Owner & Teacher, Jerri McCray (back row, middle), died of cancer in the early 1980s
Lisa is in front row, second from right

Steps to Knowledge Kindergarten
Lisa's 2nd year Kindergarten class

Jerri McCray in back row on left
First row seated: Tina Heiber, ?, ?, Patty Baker(?), Lisa Alexander, Dave Falter(?), Jeri Herman(?), Danny Mulhern(?), Terry Heiber
Second row (short row): ?, Bob Webb(?), ?, ?, John Herman(?), ?
Third row: ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, Charlene Johnson(?), ?, ?, ?, ?, ?
Fourth row: All unknown
Fifth row: ?, ?, Curtis Davis(?), ?, ?, Pat Baker(?), ?, ?, ?, Jeff Greene(?), ?, ?, ?
(If you can confirm anyone in these photos - or yourself - let us know!)

Lisa (Alexander) Williams: I will contact my parents about the kindergarten I went to in the Knollwood area.  A lot of kids went there that went on to Fairbrook.  One of the teachers would pick me up along with other kids like Larry Wright and Tony Citrigno.

Mrs. Nims - first grade.  She was my teacher.

Second grade:  Mrs. Deets.  She was my teacher.  Wasn't there a Mrs. Scalf?

Third grade:  Mrs. McCoy.  She was my teacher.

Fourth grade:  Mrs. Smith was my teacher.  Miss King (later Mrs. Reno) for English.  I remember Miss Yingst had great aim with her eraser!  I hope someone will write what set her off to do that.  I remember her throwing the erasers, but why, I don't know.  She sure couldn't get away with that now!

Mrs. Nims First Grade Class:  Jeanie Palmer and Stephanie Vukovic .  Will have to look for yearbooks.  My best memory of that class was for the last day of school, we could choose either chocolate milk or white milk for our lunch.  I thought the kids who ordered white milk were nuts.  I certainly didn't want to pass up chocolate milk!

Mrs. Deets Second Grade Class:   Danny Rader, Susan Danner, Sandra Shemwell, Julie Beam, Patty Gordon, Brenda Dunlap.

Mrs. McCoy's Third Grade Class:  Teresa Brewer, Lisa Carolus

Mrs. Smith's Fourth Grade Class:  Kevin Massie, Dennis Kuhn, Tim Gould, Jimmie Cauley, Tommy Bentley, Teresa Brewer

Not many memories of Junior and High School that I can recall or want to remember. I was so wrapped up in my shyness, my horse and not wanting to be in school anyway, I see that I missed quite a bit.

Thanks for the memories!

Please send YOUR school memories to Wendy Littrell at so we can add more to this page! Also don't forget to send me information on what you're doing now so we can update the "Now and Then" page! Please attach pictures - old, new, individual, and family!