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Welcome Class!

30th Reunion Information!
Friday Night (Aug. 14):
Kings Point Pub,
4660 Wilmington Pike - Kettering
(NOT in Beavercreek)
Saturday (Aug. 15):
Hope Hotel - Fairborn
Doors open at 6 (for those who have
prepaid for dinner)
Dinner - 6:30 (1/2 hour earlier than previously noted)
Doors open at 8 for those who are
not eating dinner
Be outside NO LATER than 8:20 p.m.
for Class Photo
Class Photos can be paid for and
received at the reunion
Cash or Check - No Credit Cards
After Midnight - there will be a Hospitality Room Available
Cards, Snacks & Music provided
Please click
"30th Reunion Information"
page (at right)

What's New
8/12/2009 - In Memoriam Page Updated
7/2009 - We're on Facebook!
* * * ANNOUNCEMENT * * *
Please pass on 30th Reunion Information to other Class of '79 grads!

Welcome to the Beavercreek High School Class of '79 web site! The 30th reunion is this summer!

To see scanned images of our '79 yearbook click on the link below (images courtesy of Jeff Turner!)  Link is Active!

Beaver Tales '79

The above link for "Beaver Tales '79" (our senior yearbook) also includes the 1976 Freshman yearbook from Ankeney.  When you click on the above link, you will be taken to a page listing files: if you click on "Ankeney" another page pops up with links to the images. 

Our Senior Year

Class Motto, Song, Colors, etc.

Teachers that were at BHS

What can you do? Please start emailing (me) with your memories, stories, etc. Send me pictures from high school, the reunions, or other stuff you've been doing and they'll be posted on this website. If you would rather mail them to me through the postal service, please email me for my postal address. This web site will only be as good as WE ALL make it!

Why the web site? Aren't you tired of all the alumni boards (, planetalumni, etc.) that want you to pay so you can stay in touch with classmates? This site will be a place where we can all gather, post our thoughts, messages, find emails for others, and hopefully soon - chat in our own chat room. So how about it? Everyone with me now? I am so optimistic that we'll use this site so much, that we'll eventually have to move it to it's own domain due to bandwidth and site hits! And I'm not opposed to someone with a lot more computer/web mastering experience than me to take it over and maintain it on a very regular basis.

Our Mascot
Bucky Beaver

The Front of the High School - as we remember it!

BHS Sign (picture taken July 2008)

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