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Beavercreek High School Class of 1979

Fairbrook Elementary located on Fairfield Road

Ankeney Junior High located at Shakertown & Grange Hall Rd.

I thought I'd share some of my thoughts, perspectives, opinions, and memories of growing up in Beavercreek and going to school there as well as what I've thought of the two reunions I've attended (10th and 20th). I welcome all of you to please share your own thoughts as well. If nothing else, maybe we can have a place to come to when we're homesick (for those of us who no longer live close). So without further ado . . .

Schools: I lived on the "other" side of 35 as a child - off of Indian Ripple - and attended Fairbrook Elementary and Ankeney Junior High (when it was still a jr. high!)

Teachers -

First grade: Mrs. Baker
Second grade: Mrs. Fletcher (the other second grade teachers included: Mrs. Deets)
Third grade: Mrs. Smith
Fourth grade: Miss Yingst (okay - hands up - who remembers her and what she used to do John Breisch?!)
Fifth grade: Miss Storar (the other fifth grade teachers included: Mrs. Tipton, Mrs. Harris, Mr. Michaels)
Sixth grade: Mrs. Morrell (the other sixth grade teachers included: Mr. Stalter, Mrs. Barrett, Mr. Cochran, Mrs. Doyle)

Those in my classes during elementary school included:

Mrs. Baker's First Grade Class: Ron Frederick, Randy Porter, Scot Dutiel, Charles Lee, Keith Wilson, Martin Miller, Steve Martin, Mike Breschi, Cris DePasquale, Danny Raffel, Michele Felder, Angie Metz, Lori Foster, Terry Heiber, Sandy Stephens, Cindy Krantz, Jerri Herman, Sandi Richards, Michelle Vandapool, Diane Borton, April Goens, Mary Jo Deis, Robin Cohagen, Megan Long, Amy Willhelm, Lisa Christie, Debbie Duckworth, Kim Yaussy, Erik (Buddy) Dobberstein, Chris Coy, Scott Granger, Peter Ashland, Robin Minor, Mark Crider. 1967-1968

Mrs. Fletcher's Second Grade Class:Scot Dutiel, Carol Pender, David Falter, Cindy Krantz, Richard Reams, John Breisch, Greg Baker, Pat Rochford, Stephanie Vukovic, Janet Clark, Ron Frederick, Buddy Dobberstein, Sonya Shelton, Diane Borton, Brenda Dencer, Kim Yaussy, Peter Ashland, Doug Kohls, Jon Christie, Karren Burrows, Mary Deis, Anita Przmieniecki, Amy Willhelm, Jandy Supper, Kim Frazier, Cheryl Sigler, Wayne Furray, Helge Buflod, Lynne Johnson, Anne Harris. 1968-1969

Mrs. Smith's Third Grade Class: Pat Rochford, Anne Harris, John Breisch, Stephanie Vukovic, Buddy Dobberstein, Anita Przemieniecki, Larry Wright, Kim Frazier, Janet Clark, Kevin Massie, Sonya Shelton, Scot Dutiel, Rhonda Hotopp, Scott Gladney, Russell Elias, Belinda Crowder, David Falter, Jandy Supper, Greg Baker, Renna Rhodehamel, Roger Stinson, Jeanne Palmer, Helge Buflod, Karen Burrows, Lynne Johnson, Cynthia Krantz, Tina Lilly, Jon Christie, Brenda Dencer, Mary Jo Deis, Jeffrey Green, Kim Yaussy. 1969-1970

Miss Yingst's Fourth Grade Class: Tony Tolle, Lori Foster, Tina Lilly, Marianne Benner, Peter Ashland, Dan Rader, Danny Mulhern, Sheila Agullana, Sherrie Mauro, Patti Myers, Kirk Kiger, Melanie Harvey, Rhonda Grimshaw, Nate Conner, Sandi Richards, Lisa Christie, John Breisch, Jeff McCammon, Kim Yaussy, Teresa Smith, Susan Danner, Caroline Hilt, Jeff Green, Paul Enigk, Sharon Scott, Helge Buflod, Mike Thompson, Keith Wilson, Charlene Johnson, John Goresh, Susan Tyree, Chris Belding, Gary Wasson. 1970-1971

Mrs. Storar's Fifth Grade Class: Kim Martindale, Theresa Bennett, Laura Baldiga, Larry Wright, John Kneen, Marcella Blackwell, Rhonda Grimshaw, Andy Manuel, Rob Newman, Angie Metz, Rhonda Hotopp, John Goresh, Mary Hall, Renna Rhodehamel, Betsy McCord, Wayne Furay, Craig Watson, Jenny Jones, Debbie Poliquin, Greg Thompson, Jeff Butts, Rod Austin, Janet Clark, Lisa Alexander, Danny Rader, Leisha Burgess, Sandi Richards, Dave Falter. 1972-1972

Mrs. Morrell's Sixth Grade Class: Scott Parker, Angie Metz, Janet York, Leisha Burgess, Joanna Wetesnic, Danny Mulhern, Renna Rhodehamel, Julie McNurlin, Kirk Kiger, Mike Fletcher, Tom Bentley, Dave Falter, Barbara Baker, Randy Wells, Kim Stephens, Janice Lacey, Herschel Ownbey, Brenda Dunlap, Amy Willhelm, Chris Taylor, Helge Buflod, Elizabeth Koogler, Robin Minor, Anita Campbell, Jenni Jones, Gary Hughes, Buddy Dobberstein, Dennis Kuehn. 1972-1973

Junior High teachers I remember: Mr. Seilheimer (I was his science aide), Mrs. Schmidt  (English), Mrs. Mentzer (Freshman Spanish), Mr. Flath (8th grade Math and Freshman Algebra), Mrs. Carter (7th grade Math), Mrs. Woodward (English), Mr. Loudenslagel (Physical Science), Mr. Bowman (Earth Science), Mrs. Vanover, (7th grade Science), Mrs. Carter (7th grade Math), and Mrs. Callahan (I was her 8th grade English aide).

Memories of BHS as a sophomore

  • Lots of people in the halls
  • Running from one end of the school to the other in the short time we had in between classes - sometimes to the basement
  • I had four lockers!! The one I was assigned plus one that Belinda and I "acquired" close to the field house (hey it was empty and no one else ever claimed it!), the one I shared with Belinda and the one I shared with Kim. With four lockers at different places in the school - I was able to store books and stuff I needed closer to my classes instead of having to carry all that stuff!
  • Creeks! For anyone who was in our sophomore Creeks class - Mr. Holbrook and Miss Olsen - you know what I mean! Soccer (with two soccer balls!) in the mud, rain and snow. Running through the woods. Laughing our butts off! Of course there were some of us (I won't mention names) who really enjoyed watching the guys more!
  • Homecoming and getting all dressed up for the dance on Saturday night.
  • Getting grounded for a month because of a miscommunication with my mom. Belinda and I, plus several other friends, had gotten one of our "over 17" year old friends to take us to see "Carrie". By the time my mom caught up with us at Belinda's by phone, I was informed that I was several hours late. I maintain to this day that when I left that morning (she was on the phone), she told me to have fun. She said that she told me that she wanted me home before 4 to go to my grandparents for the evening.

As a Junior

  • The Jr./Sr. prom with a very special guy (who turned out to be a really great friend when it was all said & done)
  • Actually this was the summer going into Jr. year - the Fourth of July festival at the high school. Remember how they used to shoot off fireworks there and they'd have carnival type stuff and food booths? It started pretty weird when my path crossed with Jeff Nicolai (& for all those who missed the news at Ankeney - I had a "thing" for him in 7th and 8th grade before he moved away). Needless to say I was trying to avoid him like the plague.
  • Getting my drivers permit and taking driver's ed (am I the only one who still feels like Mr. Roddy is riding with me each time I drive down Dayton-Xenia Road?!!)
  • The BLIZZARD!!! It was great to be at home for two weeks until we all realized that we would have to go to school an extra two weeks!
  • My Social-Reform Social Studies class. Started out just great with Mr. Foley and then we lost a coach so he took over which meant he had to relinquish the class to Mr. Arnold. In case you didn't happen to witness what transpired, let me take you back . . .  The first day he walked into class and read the roster, he looked at me and said "Your mom used to babysit me!" (His family had lived a few doors down from mine when I was very small). Well that about set the tone for the rest of the year. I figured everyone would automatically assume that I was about to become the dreaded "teacher's pet" because he happened to know me. Hey - guess what? That didn't happen. In fact Belinda and I went toe to toe with him when it came time for our term paper. That was the year all those horrible articles about the High School were printed in the paper by Karen Schiedler. Belinda and I decided that we were going to dispute all of that. We sent out questionnaires to the teachers, got other students' comments, and set up a panel discussion during our class. On the panel we invited one of the guidance counselors, a school board member, Karen Schiedler, the Principal and I think someone else. Anyhow the class seemed to enjoy the questions but by the time Karen wrote about it for the Beavercreek paper, it was Mr. Arnold who had been given credit for the panel discussion. I think that is the one thing from high school that I still find hard to believe. We had worked very hard on that term paper. There weren't computers and word processors or spell checks back then. I typed up the entire term paper on eraseable bond (geez, remember that?!). We got a C - and to top it off, he had averaged it wrong. I hold no ill will toward Mr. Arnold - in fact from time to time I email him to say hi. I'm just glad I don't have to be in his class anymore!
  • Mr. Marshall's Human Relations class. That sure didn't seem like work to me! We had so much fun doing the blind walk, warm fuzzy day, kiss a friend day (okay, so how many tried to make it kiss a friend WEEK?), birthday parties, and more!
  • Mrs. Roche's Principles of Acting class. We did three one act plays that year - "Ladies of the Tower", "Funeral Tea", and "Seven Wives of Dracula". Too funny!

As a Senior

  • Getting my first paying job the summer before senior year at Buccalo's Catering
  • Getting my very first car - beautiful red 4-door Chevy Nova!
  • Getting my second job after school started at Hale and Hearty Restaurant (corner of Dayton-Xenia and Fairfield)
  • Mr. Cornett's classes - actually I had two classes with him - Sociology and Government plus I was his student aide. He was the coolest teacher!
  • Advanced Acting in Mrs. Roche's class - I was "Goldilocks" in a twisted children's story called "Goldilocks and the Three Pigs" (how many four year olds did we screw up with that story?!). We went to several preschool's in the area to perform that.
  • Being grounded for an entire month! What a way to start the New Year off! Long story - won't go into it here.
  • Getting engaged (yeah - like that turned out right!!) - see line above
  • Spending Friday and Saturday nights in Fairborn (that was my hang-out!)
  • Attending concerts
  • Animal House!
  • Toga Day - when we all wore togas and had our picture taken in front of the school
  • Prom! (well I went with the guy I was engaged to - so that didn't start out right anyhow!) Remember how when we were Juniors we sponsored the prom at the Dayton Convention Center? But when we were Seniors, the Junior class hadn't raised much money so we got stuck at the Indoor Tennis Courts - dancing on a black tarpulian that we all kept tripping on. And the band was a JAZZ band ("Southern Winds") - I mean come on! We wanted rock and roll!
  • Saturday Night Fever!
  • Senior Day when all the girls wore their white graduation dresses and the guys wore suits.
  • Remember the Bridge?!


To find out what I'm doing now - go to the Now and Then page!

Freshman at Ankeney Jr. High
Check out the hair!!!

Senior Year
My senior picture

In 10th grade at BHS

Junior Year
Me in Junior Year