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Beavercreek High School Class of 1979

Remember This . . .


To see what movies, songs, TV shows, and events have happened in your lifetime, click the link below! You'll be asked to input your birthdate! Have fun!

Age Guage


The 70s - what we were driving, watching, doing in our spare time, and listening to. The era that brought us the end of the Viet Nam War, Nixon, Watergate, Carter, the Ayatollah, the Iran Hostage Crisis, and the energy crisis.


What We Were Watching on Television:
M*A*S*H            Charlie's Angels             Chico and the Man         Fantasy Island            The Love Boat             Brady Bunch         The Six Million Dollar Man           Wonder Woman            The Incredible Hulk           Rockford Files               Saturday Night Live               Don Kirshner's Rock Concert              The Waltons            The Gong Show             Mod Squad             The Streets of San Francisco          S.W.A.T.              Sonny and Cher                McMillan and Wife           CHiPs            Starsky and Hutch             Police Woman              All in the Family              Hee Haw                Happy Days           The Flip Wilson Show              Monty Python's Flying Circus              Mork and Mindy            Love, American Style                 American Bandstand          WKRP in Cincinnati           Laugh In           Alias Smith and Jones               Night Gallery            The Muppet Show
What We Were Listening To:
Led Zeppelin            Earth, Wind and Fire             Bee Gees             Donna Summer             Foghat             Boston             KISS           Abba           Aerosmith            The Eagles            "Stairway to Heaven"               "Stayin' Alive"               "Pinball Wizard"           Elton John          "King Tut"           Disco            Punk Rock
The Fonz               Kojak (Telly Savalas) - "Who loves ya, baby?"           Farrah Fawcett            Dirty Harry (Clint Eastwood) - "Make my day!"          Steve Martin - "Wild and Crazy Guy"         James Bond ("007")        Helen Gurley Brown           Kermit the Frog
Movies We Saw:
Young Frankenstein           Blazing Saddles            Love Story ("Love is Never Having to say you're sorry")            Saturday Night Fever            Godfather             The Deer Hunter              Grease           Carrie               Coma           Fiddler on the Roof            A Clockwork Orange          One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest              The Exorcist             Jaws              The Rocky Horror Picture Show        Shaft          Jesus Christ Superstar             Halloween            Superman              Smokey and the Bandit              The Spy Who Loved Me           Airport               American Graffiti
Pop Culture:
Mood Rings           Roller Derby             8-Tracks            "Sit on It"           Farrah "hair"             Pet Rocks            Platform Shoes          The Bicentennial            Blacklights              The Bump            Drive In Movies            The Hustle             Macrame           Fondue            Pinball           Streaking            Atari              Smiley Face            "Pacman"            CB Radios - ("Breaker, Breaker")           "Pong"            Women's Lib          Nerf Balls            Twister             Scooby Do            "Nanu, Nanu!"             Roots TV miniseries             Woodstock