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Beavercreek High School Class of 1979

What I've been up to since graduation . . .
Wendy (Amore) Littrell

Family Picture
All of us on Christmas '01

Shannon holding baby Christopher, Teresa, James, me, Jasmine & Charlie on Christmas Day 2001. 

Christopher & Shannon
Thanksgiving 2004

During Shannon's 2004 Thanksgiving visit.  Christopher was 3.

I was married from 1979 - 1987 and had my three oldest children, Shannon, Teresa and James. Married my current (wonderful) husband, Charlie, in May 1988. Our daughter, Jasmine, was born in '90. I moved to Lewisville, Texas (just north of Dallas) in July 1979 and started working for Texas Instruments Inc. as a publications specialist (typographer/paste-up artist) in Oct. 1979. At Thanksgiving of 1982 when my oldest daughter was just 10 months old, we moved back to Dayton. There I worked for Dayton Creative Printing close to the U.S. Air Force Museum until April of 1984 when I took my two daughters and moved back to Texas and went back to work at TI as a technical illustrator (graphic artist). When the Berlin Wall fell and defense spending went down, TI started reducing their workforce. By that time the youngest was 7 months old, and I had already made the decision to be a stay at home mom. When I was laid off, it was okay! I became Shannon's Girl Scout leader and helped with Teresa's Brownie troop. We became members of a UCC church close by and got very involved in that. In early 1994, I went back to work as an after-market sales rep. for an office supply company (IKON Office Solutions). Then due to family issues, I went back to being a stay at home mom in May 1996. In January 1997 my church hired me as their administrative assistant - which is what I'm still doing today. I also have my own business, Nana's Novelties - custom scrapbooks, layouts, greeting cards, heritage novelties, and more. Through the years I have served in many volunteer capacities - Girl Scout leader for two of my daughters, Girl Scout Volunteer coordinator for two years, Sunday School Superintendent for three years, member of the Christian Ed. board at church for a combined total of eight years (not including the time I was superintendent), taught Sunday school (years ago) for a year and a half, taught the pre-k's in Vacation Bible School for three years, served as secretary to our Women's group at church for two years, spaghetti dinner chairperson at church each year, coordinator for a local support group for a combined total of 1 1/2 years, and PR chairperson for the support group for two years. I have been a member of ToughLove International (r) for almost seven years. I've been researching my ancestry for almost five years and have completed two (still unpublished) novels. I've created a web site that incorporates all my hobbies and passions together. The link follows.
My children now - Shannon is 22. She graduated high school in 2000, gave birth to my first grandchild in April 2001, and is now living in Florida. Teresa is 20 and finishing her second year of college at Texas Woman's University with a major in Journalism. She plans to transfer to the University of Texas at Arlington (UTA) beginning in the fall. She was listed in Who's Who in American High School Students for two consecutive years. She sang in the school choir for 5 years and has had several poems published. James is 18 and will graduate high school this year. In March he moved to Florida and currently holds two jobs. He will return to walk across the stage with his class since he finished his senior year in December. James played bass trombone in the marching band during his first three years of high school, had been active in Boy Scouts since he was in 2nd grade, was a youth leader at church, sang in the church choir, and was a part of the choir chimes choir at church. He will be listed in Who's Who in American High School Students this year.  Jasmine is 14 and is a member of the Talented and Gifted reading program in her school. She is a very active youth member of the church. Her goal is to go to Harvard and become a lawyer.
Our newest addition - Christopher - is the light of our lives. My husband and I have had him living with us since he was nine months old. In December 2002 we were given legal custody of him. He attended an early childhood music class once a week, attends Sunday School, and loves watching Dinosour and animal movies as well as all the "Star Wars" and "Lord of the Rings" movies! He likes playing outside with his baseball and football and riding his bike.
Sometimes it doesn't seem possible that almost 25 years have passed since I graduated from high school. A lot of my dreams weren't fulfilled - you know, I wanted to be an Academy Award winning actress! But - when I look at the family and friends that fill my life now - I wouldn't trade them for the world!
Shannon moved to Florida in the Fall '03 and James moved to a different part of Florida after graduation in '04.  Teresa & Andy were married on Oct. 22, 2005 in Panama City, Florida so we added a new grandson - Cristopher - to our family!  James gave Teresa away at her wedding and she looked beautiful!  They live south of Dallas so we see them often.  They are now looking forward to their new arrival in mid August of this year.  We are very excited!  My husband, Charlie, is now employed with Motorola.  Youngest daughter, Jasmine, now a sophomore in high school, recently was nominated to be in the Who's Who of American High School students so we are very pleased.  She intends on attending North East Texas College with a major in Law Enforcement/Criminal Justice.  Grandson, Christopher, will be five this spring and is looking forward to attending kindergarten this fall.  He is really "into" Star Wars and enjoys having lightsaber fights with "Papa" out in the backyard!

Cristopher, Andy & Teresa
Panama City Beach, Florida
Andy & Teresa after the wedding - Oct. 22, 2005
James at his visit home - July 2005
Teresa & Andy's newest addition! Due Aug. 10th, 2006

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